Our Story

We love being the first choice in recruiting for the consumer goods companies that sell to Walmart. In the early ‘90s, we began welcoming great companies to Bentonville, advising them on local resources and introducing them to experienced talent for their teams. We’re fortunate to have played a role in establishing our local “vendorville,” Bentonville’s remarkable concentration of CPG offices serving the biggest customer in the world: Walmart.

But before long, our clients’ needs had evolved, and we realized we needed to do more to help these growing companies meet their goals. Clients we serve were looking for candidates with more diverse expertise, proven experience with multiple retailers, and applicants truly open to relocation. Although Bentonville is a magnet for world-class talent, we knew we needed to cast a wider net.

So ten years ago we committed to a significant investment and expanded our business to a national footprint. With a decade of recruiting diverse candidates from around the country who have expertise with numerous mass retailers, CSA has built a national network of talented consumer products professionals that is unmatched.

Now as we connect the country’s top performers with CPG mass retailer teams, CSA is still the go-to search firm for Bentonville talent. Moreover, we have strengthened our partnerships with our clients as we recruit and place professionals to manage their business not just at Walmart, but at Target, Costco, Amazon, Walgreens, and other national accounts. Our recruiters, avid students of the rapid changes in consumer products and retail, continue to earn solid success in multiple markets with a simple, straightforward approach: forging long-term relationships by listening to and acting in the best interest of our clients and candidates.