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Supplier Services

8th & Walton

8th & Walton is a Bentonville, Arkansas based supplier development company offering services and solutions that support organizations in their efforts to do business BETTER with the world's largest retailer.

Our mission is to provide individuals at all levels in their organization a better understanding of Walmart as well as a grasp of the relevant tools essential for doing business in Bentonville.

Our team is comprised of high performing leaders with extensive experience working both inside Walmart and within its supplier community.

Doing Business in Bentonville

DBB is a professional speaker series for current and prospective suppliers to Walmart Stores and SAM’S CLUB focusing on best practices topics that are critical to success when you are doing business in Bentonville

Register today to attend the next DBB so you are prepared to expand and improve your business with all divisions of Walmart Stores, Inc.

The Soderquist Center

The Soderquist Center is a provider of leadership development services in Northwest Arkansas. Founded by Don Soderquist, retired COO of Walmart, The Center offers open-enrollment leadership programs for high-potential talent, executive and leadership coaching for individuals, as well as team building programs at either of their two ropes course locations.

Harvest Data

We provide software development services and products primarily to the Retailer and CPG industries. Our flagship products feature automated downloading of report data from Walmart and Dollar General. We also develop mobile applications and custom BI solutions.