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Interviewing Tips

  • Do your homework. Study the company Web site and familiarize yourself with the job description, recent press, company challenges and competition. For consumer goods companies, visit retailers to check out brands, promotions and competition.
  • Dress professionally. Choose conservative clothing and pay attention to details: shoes, jewelry, nails. A suit is usually appropriate, depending on the company and culture. When in doubt, ask.
  • Be on time. Plan your route the day before, taking into account weather, traffic and parking, so you arrive 10 minutes early.
  • Be professional. Shake hands at the beginning and end of the interview. Smile, make eye contact, and maintain good posture.
  • Be prepared to present your qualifications. Practice summarizing your strengths. Focus on skills and accomplishments relevant to the job.
  • Prepare a list of references. Be ready to offer the names and contact information of 3-5 professional references who can vouch for your work performance.
  • Keep your answers brief and to the point. Answer the interviewer’s questions as specifically as possible. Relate your skills and background to the position requirements throughout the interview. If a question sounds vague, ask for clarification.
  • Anticipate tough questions. Prepare to turn perceived weaknesses into strengths. Keep your answers positive and focused on the value you bring to the company.
  • Ask questions. Have a list of questions ready that you would like to ask. For example: Why is this position open? What training programs are available? What challenges and growth opportunities do you see for this position? How will my performance be evaluated?
  • Listen. Pay attention to the interviewer’s words, tone of voice and body language. Understanding these cues will help you establish a better rapport. Never interrupt the interviewer.
  • Don’t bring up money. Avoid the topic of money until both sides have established mutual interest and you have a thorough grasp of what the job entails.
  • Ask for the job. Confirm your interest in the position, summarize your qualifications, and ask about the next steps.
  • Follow up. Be sure to ask for the interviewer’s business card and send a thank you note right away (email is acceptable). Confirm your interest in the position and state why you are qualified for the job. Proofread carefully before you send. Contact the recruiter or person who set up the interview. That person will want to gauge your interest in the opportunity and may also have valuable feedback from the interviewer.