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- Director, National Accounts

Break-in Tips

Are you considering a career in the Walmart supplier community? Here are some suggestions to help you make the leap:

  • Research the Industry – Read up on the consumer goods industry, study the stores, and follow Walmart in the news.
  • Take Classes – Become an Excel expert. Get comfortable using PowerPoint and Access. Check out classes at NorthWest Arkansas Community College, 8th & Walton, and the University of Arkansas.
  • Network – Seek out supplier events in the community. Introduce yourself, ask questions – and listen.
  • Find an Internship – Interning for a supplier is a great way to learn the ropes. Some of the suppliers offer internships, primarily through college placement offices.
  • Volunteer – Build a network of relationships as you contribute to your favorite civic and charitable causes.
  • Look Your Best – Image isn’t everything, but it can certainly help! Make sure your image is positive and professional.
  • Be Realistic – Companies require team players with great skills to manage their business with the world’s largest retailer. Do your homework, expect to start at the bottom, and be prepared to compete!